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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The first step to growing a successful website is to first build the website and publish it online. However the most important part of the process comes next: optimizing the website to be readable by search engines.

Everybody that has a website online can benefit from Search Engine Optimization. So many people spend a great deal of time building a website and gathering images, and content that when the website finally launches they lose sight of the fact that the project has only just begun.

Launching a website without the use of online marketing and optimization is a lot like standing in a crowd of potential customers and not letting anyone know you are there.

Every search engine has a different way of looking at websites, and ranking them in their search results. A good search engine optimization team will be aware of these methods and will work to display your website to search engines in a way that makes them all happy.

At, we understand and recognize what works to bring a website to the top and what doesn’t. We also do not use any illegitimate practices that might potentially get your website blacklisted.

Unsure if your website is optimized or unhappy with the results of your current website’s marketing? Contact us and we’ll be happy to review your current website and offer recommendations on how you can boost your traffic.

NOTE: With changing search engine algorithms and millions of sites on the web there is never a guarantee of #1. Always be wary of those SEO professionals that claim to guarantee top 10 placement, These are often achieved by practices that while they may put you at #1 for awhile will in the long run hurt your placement and may even result in being blacklisted. SEO done effectively and properly is a course in longevity and not a quick fix.

These are some of the inital things that our SEO development will address:

Search Engine Ranking Analysis- We will analyze your site and determine where you rank now or if you rank at all. Are people able to find you? If not then we will make recommendations to help get you listed on the search engines.

Meta Tags- We make sure the coding in your website contains the correct optimized key words that people really use to search out your site on the internet. Also ensuring that they conform to the current standards for keyword relevancy and that we don't exceed keyword saturation

Optimized Website Text - We analyze the keyword density of your site and look at your competitors to determine the proper text to add to your site to help increase your search engine ranking. We will also ensure that your title and site description maintain relavancy. We have various tools at our disposal to determine the most popular words searched in your industry.

Search Engine Submissions- We do external linking analysis and then recommend a schedule of search engine submissions. For some businesses you will market your site globally, others will market their site regionally. We determine where your customers are and promote your site in the markets that are relevant.

Paid Advertising- We will make recommendations based on competition in your area of business as to whether you would benefit from paid advertising programs- we have proven programs that can help certain companies achieve higher search engine rankings and sales. Let us help you determine a cost effective way to promote your site on the web, where you control the costs and the methods best suited to your brand and identity.

Remember if your site isn't Optimized then you have an audience of one "Yourself"


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